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A Traditionally Animated Movie

based on the Character Cheech Wizard by Vaughn Bodé.

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About Our Project

So what happens to Our hero Cheech when 1984 rolls around?

Once upon a time, at two-thirty in the afternoon, on the enchanted island of New York City, lived a Wizard.

We find out in this third party adaption of one of the greatest heroes in comic hip hop history.

We left off with Cheech living the life of luxury in his fantasy-land jungle. He had massive broads, the loyalty of his followers, and the fear of his enemies. But, his seemingly charming array of ungrammatical foul mouthed urban dialect, perpetually stinking of batches of home brew, drugs, a detestable treatment of those around him, unproven mystical abilities, blatant misogyny, contempt for those around him, bullying, unprotected random sex, wife cheating, and general bad decisions would one day catch up to him.

The fellow residents of the magic forest had seen enough.

So Now, 644 years later, Cheech hits the hard streets of the Urban Jungle to discover his life has made major turn for the worse. He has hit rock bottom, living a miserable life of being on the other side of the social circles he once ruled. Cheech has discovered that life without friends, a wife, and dignity leaves him lonely and miserable. He discovers that there are other pleasures in life. It's time for him to pull himself up, find his place as the reborn Messiah of this new realm, and prove to the world he is indeed not a selfish Hat that he once was.

This film brings back beautiful Traditional Cell Animation with the hand drawn backgrounds of yesteryear in order to reflect the rawness and signature style of the original art. As Traditional Animators we feel strongly that a more dynamic look can be achieved in the movement of the characters than could be with the CG process.

The Messiah

Vaughn Bodé - Creator of Cheech Wizard

vaughn bode photo

Vaughn Frederic Bodé created his signature character Cheech Wizard way back in 1957, when he was merely a lad of 16. Though the yellow-hatted "cartoon messiah" did not officially see print for over a decade, he went on to become Bodé's best-known, most enduring, and most influential comic book character. Vaughn Bode died in 1975 in San Francisco in a mystic experiment gone wrong.

Disclaimer: As of today, we are not working with Mark Bodé but have reached out to him in hopes of working with his fathers estate on this project.

The LewisOne Studios

OG LewisOne - Head Animator

LewisOne photo

Street Artist LewisOne got his start and Warner Brothers when he was caught vandalizing the back of the lot while his dad worked inside as a Gaffer and Set builder. After a 10 year career in the animation department of Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, and a variety of Commercials he hit the streets hard continuing his graffiti career.

Life, and a little business knowhow with lots of dumb luck, gave him a good life as a gallery artist. Years later he started the LewisOne Studios doing freelance animation work. One day he had enough of doing projects for other folks and has dedicated his studio to projects him and his crew of dedicated monkeys.

Dirk Daring

Head Script Writer

Dirk Daring photo

Dirk likes writing stories and stuff about underdog heros. He says "Creatin words from what goes on in me head is funner than talking to me self". He enjoys saving princesses from bad things, eating mushrooms that make me big and strong and see stuff, stomping on helpless turtles and bouncing them off walls, jumping over burning barrels, picking daisies, and long walks on short piers.